May 17, 2011

Old and New Recipes

So it begins. With much fear and trembling, I’ve joined the blogosphere=)   I guess I was a voyeur for far too long.

During the beginning of the year, I had a catharsis of sorts.  Could have been the record number of snow days we experienced here in the Northeast, who knows.  However, over the past 4 years I’ve indulged in viewing and reading an insurmountable number of blogs and, on occasion, commenting.  

Beautiful images have always drawn me in, from food blogs, my favorite, to crafty and gardening sites. Taking a peek at the daily lives of like minded bloggers, laughing at their humorous posts and reviewing recipes have made me feel like I am a part of a community.

Over the years I’ve collected a ridiculous amount of cookbooks, a disproportionate amount being about baking. I will be sharing the "keepers" from old cookbooks and certainly rocking new ones to see if they can stand up to the old ones!  

I’ve already started to dust off some of these relics and it was like visiting old friends. Remembering what holidays and occasions I first baked them out and also remembering when I was about 20 lbs. lighter, le sigh.

Thanks for joining me!


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